chai for your soul


Gluten Free - Organic - Vegan - Sugar Free 

Ethically Sourced & Packed


Meet our Founder
Tarsha Hacadurian

Tarsha is a passionate chai lover who decided that to make honest, organic, healthy chai was her calling in 2019. Having experienced some health concerns and  choosing to Since then Tarsha pours her heart & soul into hand-making and packaging  Ooh La Chai to be enjoyed in homes throughout Australia and the world. Tarsha lives south of Sydney with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters, all of whom support their Mum's chai adventure (even on early market mornings!)

As well as her background in health and wellbeing, Tarsha brings her warm-hearted flair and kindness to make Ooh La Chai  the most soulful choice for your own brew or as a gift to loved ones. 



'When my Masala Chai arrived, the aroma filled the air before I even opened the packet. I knew then that it was fresh and packed with flavour. The brew didn't disappoint. It was spicy, bold, smooth and well balanced. The addition of milk and honey made for a creamy, soothing cup of chai. Definitely my new favourite!'

- Amber, VIC

'Dear beloved. I would like to share my feeling about this very unique chai. As it is truly exceptional in its quality and flavour. I found it to be perfectly balanced at the very elemental leveL. Fire, water, earth which is quite unique as it demands understanding, great sensitivity and care in order to bring it to such equilibrium. Such a profoundly balanced elemental equilibrium brings much more than just nice flavour. It is deliver an opportunity to the whole body to experience senses of balance and harmony. To me it is truly rare thing in our world of imbalance. 

What I am sharing it truly come from the heart. As more we pay attention to the little things in life, the more sensitive and attune we become. 

My true gratitude to the creator of that chai.'

- Samuel Levy

'Hands down the best chai I've tasted with beautiful ingredients. Having spent almost a year in India I've tasted a lot of chai and Ooh La Chai is absolutely delicious and full of healing goodness.

- Georgia Harding ND. Bach.Naturopathy. Dip Appl.SC.