Ooh La Chai is expertly crafted from a passion for good health and an appreciation of the incredible gifts from mother nature. The delicate combination of both spice and tea are used for optimum benefits in our favourite daily rituals. 

About Ooh La Chai

Our 100% Australian made company takes great pride in using premium grade spices and black tea while respecting the earth with biodegradable packaging

We use 9 delicious spices in all our blends which are packed with health benefits and pure intention.


Inspired by the earth and its gifts we do our best to pay tribute back by being as earth loving and friendly as possible through our purchasing and packaging.


Our Unique Chai

The creative mind - Tarshabehind our unique chai blends wanted to give a little more. A little more flavour, a little more spice, a little more goodness.

Having always been attracted to thinking outside the box we wanted to bring to your cup a simple pleasure.


A unique spin to a well respected cultural drop. 


At Ooh La Chai we care for people + planet through social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects. Here are a few of our current sustainability initiatives we are proud of, but also believe every company could be doing!

Plastic Free Packaging

We use home compostable Bio-Cylinders by The Packaging People. These Cylinders are produced without the foil lining of our regular cylinders. They are a perfect alternative + home compostable!

We also use NatureFlex™ cello bags made from a biodegradable and compostable cellophane film made in Australia from renewable cellulose fibre. It is certified biodegradable by Australian Standards AS 5810, and can be composted at home. 

Refill Station

Visit us at the Markets located in Sydney, NSW and we invite you to bring your glass jar or tin along and we can refill it for you or of course bring back your Ooh La Chai bio-cylinders

Keep Cup Discount

Save 50c when you bring your keep cups to visit us at the local farmers markets in Sydney, Australia

Recycling Tips

We pride ourselves on sharing recycling tips with our community on instagram and celebrate those that are invented by our community, such as using our cylinders to grow seedlings!

Cultural Awareness

We have an Acknowledgement of Country on both our website and email for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and traditional land ownership.

Certified Organic

Spices & Tea  that are kinder to the environment and your health + wellbeing!

We hope you enjoy your hug in a cup from our family to you.