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Whether you have an upcoming yoga retreat, charity event or corporate team building day - we have Ooh La Chai packages that can support you and your unique needs!

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Amazing Ooh La Chai supplied for your event. Ideal for Business, School & Organisation Events. 

Choose 1 Ooh La Chai Blend to be delivered and set up for you in an urn. Beautiful Ceramic cups are provided and taken for cleaning at the end of event - so no mess for the organiser. 


  • Catering 10-20 guests

  • 10% Discount code for attendees


*For less attendees a discount can be provided.

*Free take home sample $2 per head


Ideal for Yoga,Wellness Events & Retreats. 

Founder of Ooh La Chai, Tarsha attends your event to speak about Ooh La Chai and the Chai blends (this is optional). Tarsha also stays to serves 1 or 2 brew blends upon request. Beautiful Ceramic cups are supplied, washed up - so no mess for the organiser. Plus Ooh La Chai range available to purchase at the event. 


  • Catering for 10-20+ guests

  • Exclusive Discount code for attendees

  • 1-2 hours inclusive of Set up & Pack up


Ideal for Not-for-profit & Charity Events or Workshops.

Considered on a case by case basis, this package includes options of catering + donation or discounted products or packages such as Chai Tasting or Chai Circle.

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Ideal for corporate businesses and offices. 

From team building days to the everyday office kitchen supply Ooh La chai can provide a range of organic blends to cater your staff's needs while ensuring health and wellness is a priority. 

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