Ooh La Chai

Chai with Ooh la Chai founder - Tarsha

Who is the person behind Ooh La Chai?

Mornings are the best! Im definately part of the 5am club!  Love the peaceful aura of silence before the household wakes, a steaming cuppa and the cat purring on my lap.  Ahhhh....

I grew up in Gippsland, Victoria. My family always lived on green acreage with a stream running through or nearby. My father is of Dutch heritage and mother English. An interesting blend of posh humour and green living. At 28 years of age I met my husband and was then blessed with two beautiful daughters. I am forever grateful for the love and warmth surrounding me each day. 

We are a house of mad foodies who love to dine out and experience new flavours and cultures. If I am not out and about you will more than likely find me in the kitchen at home creating and experimenting. Special times are had when my husband and daughters will sit at the bench and we will chat and laugh about their day. 

Earthy and home loving I draw energy from nature and solitude. I take great pride in living a balanced life, always striving to be the best version of myself via self reflection and education. 

I could live off grid quite easily...I'm thinking of a little wooden cabin Alaska style with all the perks of course…



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What is your earliest memory of tea?

Having a strong half english background “cuppas" was a daily much loved ritual for my family. First thing in the morning my mother would arrive in the lounge room adorned in a warm fluffy dressing gown hair in dishevelment, announcing for no one to speak to her before the morning cuppa was had.  Fond memories and so much more relatable having my own family now.

How did you arrive at Ooh La Chai?

I have been in the health and fitness industry for nearly 15 years and it's safe to say I'm extremely passionate about the industry. I'm a mad cook and you will always find me in the kitchen whipping something up and experimenting with wholefoods, spices and whatever the mood of the day brings. Mid 2019 I experienced a traumatic turn in health which impacted my day to day living. I was forced to slow down, breathe and look after myself more than ever before. This combined with Covid have given me the tools and time to follow my passions and hence Ooh La Chai was born. 

What does good health mean to you?

Balance! A one word answer with an endless lifetime commitment to yourself.  For such a long time I struggled with guilt associated with thoughts of being selfish when trying to maintain a healthy balance for myself. 


From early adolescence I've suffered with mental health concerns and with time learned that without self love the many hats I wear cannot be.


Adequate rest, nutritious food, regular exercise and allowing myself to just be me whatever that may look like on the day. Lastly, giving myself the power to say no to that which does not serve me. 


Ooh La Chai represents my wellness journey to finding and maintaining a healthy balance for myself. It's the best of me to you in a cup.


What is your favourite blend?

I know this sounds really corny, but I honestly love all my blends. However, if I had to choose the Masala Chai would be my go to. I love nothing better than bringing out one of my rustic teapots and brewing a rich earthy black chai.