I personally am over the moon at our recent discovery of cold brewing Ooh La chai!! Thanks to a great friend the mission has been accomplished. Mastering a delicious cold brew has been on the to-do list for a while now as the warmer months are approaching we want to keep our loyal customers cool and happy!! Can you imagine the satisfaction when I visited a friend and not only was my brand on shelf but was also being served in a different style... Cafe perfect and a win for Summer!! Amazing hot or cold. Excited to share this with you today....

All you need is

  • 1 litre milk of choice (we love Bonsoy)

  • 4TBLS Ooh La Chai blend

  • 1 cold brew maker or a glass bottle is fine with a large opening


  • Place 4 TBLS of chai into your cold brew maker

  • Pour over 1 litre of milk

  • Leave on the bench for 6-12 hours . If you live in a hot climate it is best to refrigerate ( I like 12 hours for a robust flavour)

  • Strain your spices out

  • Keep in the fridge for up to a week


  • To serve cold.. Pour over ice

  • Stove top in a saucepan for a few minutes

  • Stretch on your coffee machine

  • Reheat in your counter top milk frother

  • Microwave

Enjoy! Much love Tarsha.......

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