How do you brew?

It really is a matter of preference or mood now isn't it! Personally, black or milky is irrelevant as they both hit the spot. However, there are definitely occasions where I am drawn to one over the other.

When feeling ungrounded I tend to go to our Masala chai black brewed, the energetic nature of spices and black tea really feels like earth and brings me back. When feeling unwell decaf chai is my go too. Caffeine free with an extra boost of antioxidants from the Rooibos tea always leaves residence of calm and wellness. I usually add a few slices of lemon and ginger. Although ginger is already in the chai, you can never have enough to fight sickness. My insides give me a high five every time with this gorgeous blend

Milky chai is just scrumptious. I tend to have this more as a treat these days. Milky chai is best brewed on full cream milk such as soy, almond, coconut or oat. My favourite is Bonsoy and there are no preservatives or additives in that brand. The vibrance is heavenly as the aromatic compounds in spices dissolve best in fats , brewing this way really brings out lovely rich flavours .

This is the most traditional way to make chai although still different from the amazing Indian culture and the way they create. This is an Ooh La Chai original.

When I was making chai for market days I would brew in full milk no water however as I have evolved I prefer using a little water. The taste is the same with a little less milk usage. More bang for your buck!


Ah, the thermomix.....This is the busy mums lazy brew that is always on point.... No risk factor of me doing five things at once and coming back to the pot boiling over Haha..

Hannah @meandmythermo who I brought my thermomix off made this recipe. Nailed it!

Finally, Cafe style chai! A dear friend Jodie @healthyandwholesome created this method. The taste is milder than the stove top and thermomix method and much like a premium quality cafe style chai.

Whats fab is this can be kept for up to a week in the fridge to simply reheat. She loves heating it on the milk stretcher and adding a shot of coffee. This is a dirty chai!



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