Our Sustainability Initiatives Interview with SO SHIRE

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Sarah Jo from SO SHIRE summarised our conversation:

'Learn about the important topics covered tonight for small businesses aiming for Sustainability in our product, service, packaging and delivery!

Plus we discuss the founder Tarsha's inspiring story on why she started @ooh_la_chai and the importance of health - you do not have to give up chai when she has sugar-free and plastic-free yummy alternatives!

The journey of finding the right Sustainable packaging for her product and delivery , from the greenwashing and packaging fails to the research and incorporating new packaging (including home compostable cellophane from @nomoreplasticpackaging )

Changing costs and accessibility of the various plastic-free needs of a business including packing tape!

Her #byodiscount if you #byocontainer

#byocup when you can find her again at @shirefarmersmarket '

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